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About us

Our Mission


We, Bullboost Energy are new innovative market player in the cosmetic and health product industry of Malaysia. In the believe that “we produce only supreme products”, we have developed high quality and effective healthcare and beauty products. Also, we adhered closely to door-to-door sales on the basis of corporate spirit that we deliver beauty to customers as beauty messenger, create beauty and render services for customer satisfaction with heartfelt service beyond sales-oriented thinking. Besides, we have continuously increased the employability of local manpower, the greater part of our human resources and spared no pains to be the roof of “female ability development” and ‘talent search and development”. This effort equipped us to have female workers amounting to 98% of all our employees. Until now, in a higher position, we have endeavored for our employees to realize their dream not by individual educational or geographical background, but under the slogan “from sales to management” on the basis of one’s ability and equality.
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