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Your secret weapon for conquering each day with unparalleled energy and stamina. Specially formulated to cater to the unique needs of men

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Additional food supplement with special formulation for man which consist of traditional herbs to prevent erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer and infertility. ASHWAMAN is a mango chewable tablet with more than 6 active ingredients which help the overall sexual health !

ASHWAMAN: Ancient Indian herbs which help to improve the sperm quality, quantity and fertility. Increase the production of semen and testosterone hormone.


SAW PALMETTO: Reduce the risk for stroke, protect against cancer, increase the thickness of the sperm and promote man’s fertility.

MACA: Extract help to prevent erectile dysfunction, increase the sex libido and desire

GINSENG: King of Herbs which function as Aphrodisiac to increase the sexual desire and lengthen the ejaculation time.


GOSHURAK: Protect against prostate cancer, improve daily stamina and reduce the risk for Dementia and Alzheimer

SCHISANDRA: Chinese herbs which provide energy and reduce the risks for depression and stress

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